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Yes to Carrots is a brand that I have seen in my local Boots but I have never even looked at it before as I just thought that it was aimed at a younger market.  I was sent the eye contour cream to try and thought 'why not'.

review of yes to carrots eye contour cream

What they say......

A gentle spring water based Eye Contour Cream with Organic Carrot Juice, Organic Cucumber Juice and 26 Dead Sea Minerals.

What I say......

The pot is huge, I have never seen eye cream in such a huge pot and I am sure it would last you at least 12 months.  The light gel/cream is a very pale orange colour with a nice fresh scent.  The cream feels nice and light on applications and leaves the eye area hydrated and soft.

This eye cream does it's job in as far as keeping the eye area hydrated but if you are more mature and looking for an eye cream to tackle ageing then this one is not for you.

In my opinion this cream would be ideal for someone who has no ageing concerns at the moment and for someone who is doing beauty on a budget, as I said this pot is huge so you get a lot of product for your money.

FYI this product was provided by PR.


I have to say I had never heard of this range before, so I was quite excited when I was asked if I would like to try the Inlight Organic Face Cleanser.  I was quite surprised when it arrived as I was expecting a bottle and not a jar.  When I opened it and the aroma hit me I knew that I was going to enjoy reviewing this product, the smell was wonderful.

inlight organic face cleanser

review of inlight organic face cleanser

What they say......

Cleansing make-up removing balm.  Non GM and 100% Organic.

A gentle facial cleanser with a mild exfoliant action.  Highly recommended as a make-up remover (of both synthetic and organic cosmetics) this cleanser also moisturises your skin, leaving it supple and soft, with a rejuvenating glow.

As with all Inlight products, the Organic Facial Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive or those with acne, rosecea etc.

The ingredients include.....

Coconut Oil  -  moisturises and nourishes
Shea Butter  -  promotes elasticity
Green Tea  -  astringent, antioxidant
Clove Bud & Rosemary Essential Oils  -  antibacterial and purifying
Ginger  -  stimulates and tones.

what I say......

As I said earlier when you open this jar you are met with a wonderful aroma.  The balm itself is very soft and you only need a small amount to cover your whole face and neck.  The instructions suggest that to remove eye make-up you should put a small amount of the balm onto cotton wool and wipe across the eye.  Now, I'm not a fan of cotton wool so I just used my fingers to gently massage around my eye area, I then removed the balm with a hot muslin cloth.  I usually do a 'double cleanse' but to be honest I didn't need to with this product.  But I did put another layer of balm onto my face and left it on as a mask whilst I was in the bath.  I then removed this again with a hot muslin cloth.  My skin had a lovely pink glow about it and felt so hydrated. 

After 2 weeks of using this product I went back to a normal cleansing lotion and I had to go back to doing a 'double cleanse' and using a separate eye make-up remover, this just reaffirmed to me that the balm is quick, easy and very effective at doing the job of 2 products in half the time.  I am a cleansing balm convert and will continue to use this method of cleansing from now on.

For more information about this product and it's ingredients please visit Inlight's website.  Inlight Face Cleanser

For your information this product was provided for review purposes.


Now if I came downstairs on Mothers Day and found this little beauty with my card I would be a very happy mum indeed.

Aromatherapy Associates
I have only just discovered Aromatherapy Associates, I recently reviewed their lip balm here

What they say.........

The complete collection of Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oils in miniature sizes.
Contains multi-award winning blends for your every need or occasion.
Natural oils - pure nature with nothing else added.
Relax will help you slow down or induce a good night's sleep.
De-Stress can help to clear your mind and ease physical stresses and strains.
Revive invigorates and energises a weary mind and body.
Support takes care of you in times of need.
Each 3ml bottle contains one unique bath or shower experience.

What I say...........

I took this little collection with me when I went to London last weekend and after walking around Earls Court Ideal Home Show on Friday I can tell you I was in need of a little reviving.  I used the Revive Evening Oil, you just pour the whole bottle under running water and then immerse yourself and lie back and wait for the magic to happen.  By the time I emerged from the bathroom I had a new lease of life and went off to do more shopping.  The next morning I used Revive Morning Oil, this was one of my favourites, when I returned to my hotel room later that day I could smell the aroma as I approached my room.  I am still working my way through the collection but I haven't used one yet that I didn't like.  I have just used Light Relax Oil and my whole house smells wonderful.

So if you are wondering what to buy for your mum for Mothers Day, then you won't go far wrong if you purchase this.

For more information on this product and to view the complete range from Aromatherapy Associates visit their website here

FYI this product was provided by PR.


Just wanted to let you all know that on Friday this blog will be moving.  Hopefully all you gorgeous followers will be moved with me automatically.  I will be tweeting the new blog address on twitter should I accidentally lose a few of you on the way.

The new blog address will be

Whilst the blog is in transition there will be no new posts but normal service will be resumed next week.


I was recently sent this mask to try by Beauty Face Masks.  As it is a 30 minute face mask I decided to take it with me when I went away for the weekend as I knew this would be the only opportunity I would have to lie down and relax with a face mask on undisturbed for the full 30 minutes.

What they say...........

The mask is an innovative sheet-form facial mask.  Exclusive UK formula specially formulated to moisturise, firm up and tone the skin, leaving it looking smooth and radiant.  Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and the signs of ageing,  The mask is made with the finest medical-grade ingredients, providing multiple results such as hydrating, collagen replenishing, pore minimising and tightening.


Aqua, Glycerine, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Erythorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol, Allantoin.

Collagen Crystal Gel Face Mask
Collagen Crystal Gel Face Mask

It is recommended that you put the whole packet into warm water for a few minutes prior to using.

The mask fits really well onto the face and does in fact stay in place, so I didn't have to lie down for the full 30 minutes.  I actually rubbed the excess liquid from the packet onto my neck and backs of my hands, well waste not want not.  

The results were pretty impressive, my skin looked really good, the pores around my nose had disappeared and my lines were hardly noticeable at all.  My skin felt very moisturised and looked lovely and smooth.  I did not need to apply a moisturiser afterwards and my foundation went on like a dream.  My skin still looked really good the following day too.

All in all this was an excellent mask and would be perfect to use prior to a special event where you just want to look younger and fresher, ie a wedding or a school reunion.

More details about this mask and other masks can be found Beauty Face Masks

FYI this product was provided for review purposes.


I love lip balms and I was delighted to be sent the Aromatherapy Associates Moisturising Lip Balm.  I like to use lip balm on my none lippy days and before I go to bed, but there is so much more you can do with this lovely little pot of magic.

What they say...........

Delicately scented, this nourishing lip balm really moisturises where many other lip balms just protect.  Rich plant oils and butters nourish and protect delicate lips from the elements.  Together with soothing Calendula, they provide a protective natural barrier to seal in moisture and keeps lips soft, smooth and plump.

Key Ingredients:-

Rose Wax - nourishes, softens and protects against moisture loss
Vanilla  -  protects against moisture loss, contains anti-oxidant properties
Ginger  -  stimulates micro-circulation and enhances suppleness, also contains anti-oxidant properties
Calendula  -  renowned for its ancient healing and soothing properties
Cocoa Butter  -  softens and smoothes, relieving dryness

What I say...........

This lip balm is a joy to use, it's moisturising and smoothing without feeling greasy on the lips, it makes a wonderful base for lipstick and if you use it before bed then lips are soft and plump in the morning.  I work in an air conditioned office so it is great to put on throughout the day to stop the lips drying out.  The balm has a lovely texture and just melts onto the lips.

I have also been using this balm on my cuticles on my hands and feet, it softens the cuticle so you can safely push them back without injuring the nail bed.  I have also been using this on my very dry elbows and as an eyebrow wax.  I am sure there are many other uses for this amazing balm, you are limited only by your imagination.

The Moisturising Lip Balm retails at £13.50 for a 7ml jar and is available at Liberty and Fortnum & Mason, it is also available at leading hotel and destination spas worldwide and by Mail Order direct from Aromatherapy Associates

FYI this product was provided by PR.


I am always in pursuit of a hard working eye cream that delivers results, I want a product that is going to tackle all of my eye issues at the same time.  I was recently sent the Vichy Neovadiol GF Eye & Lip Contour to try.  It claims to treat wrinkles, marks and dark shadows in women over 40.

Vichy Neovadiol Gf Eye & Lip Contours 15ml

What they say............

Layer after layer, skin is reconstructed and repaired with tissular reconstruction technology.  Notice the difference after just 10 days with refined skin and evened pigmentation.

Two hardworking active ingredients make the skin more beautiful, the sugar-protein hybrid, Pro-Xylane, that defends the skin against water loss and the vegetable protein packed Proteic GF to nourish and plump the skin.

The ergonomic tube is is shaped to adapt to the specific anatomy of eye and lip contours.  Simply smooth the formulation where needed for immediate soothing.  It's dense, rich texture transforms into a cooling gel without a greasy effect.

Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic.

What I say............

I love the packaging of this product and it really is contoured precisely for the eye and lip area.  The product comes out of the tube as quite a thick cream, as soon as it touches the skin it melts into a gel/serum like texture.  I have been using this product twice a day for 3 weeks and I am suitable impressed by it's performance, although I have only been using it on my eye area.  I have been blessed with dark circles and I'm always searching for products that help to alleviate this problem.  This product has certainly improved them more than anything else I have tried.  I find I am able to get away with using a much lighter concealer instead of my usual heavy duty one.  My under eye area feels smooth and hydrated, the crepiness on my upper eye is much improved, hence eye shadow looks so much better  and the deeper lines on the corner of my eyes are less noticeable.  Love this product and I will be purchasing another when this one runs out.

You can find more information regarding this product at

*FYI this product was supplied by PR


I don't know about the rest of you ladies but I'm not very good when it comes to body products.  I don't get much time for pampering these days and although I have a very strict routine regarding facial skincare I really do neglect my body.  I have a feeling that is all about to change though.

I was recently sent the Connock Hydrating Body Lotion to try.

Connock London Kukui Oil Hydrating Body Lotion

What they say..........

A deeply moisturising lotion for dry and dehydrated skin.  A lightweight formula that instantly hydrates, the lotion melts into the skin sealing in elevated levels of moisture.

Key ingredients include:-

Shea Butter, rich in fatty acids that condition and plump up the skin, maintaining the integrity of it's natural barrier to prevent further water loss.

Macadamia Oil, helps to smooth and even out skin texture, reducing the visible signs of ageing.  Skin is brought back to life, beautifully soft to touch, delicately fragranced and glowing with a light sheen.

What I say............

Wow, this body lotion is fabulous, it really does melt into the skin, there is no stickiness whatsoever and it smells absolutely divine, I have had several people ask me what fragrance I am wearing.  It leaves a beautiful glow on the skin that lasts all day and skin feels absolutely amazing.  I have used this body lotion every day for the past 2 weeks, the difference in the texture and the tone of my skin is nothing short of miraculous.  I am completely won over by this product and am now a body lotion convert.

Connock London offer a range of beautiful bath & body products, all of which contain Kukui Oil.  Please pop over to the WEBSITE for details of the full product range.

*FYI this product was provided by PR.

B Organic Luxury Bath & Shower Products

If you have not heard of B Organic Skincare yet then you really need to get yourself over to their Website/Facebook Page or Twitter page to see what you've been missing out on, especially if you or little one suffer from any skin conditions.

All of the products available from B Organic are free from Sulphates, Parabens, Ethyoxylates, Propylene Glycols, Silicones, DEA's, Artificial Colours, Artificial Frangrances, Suitable for Vegans and Animal Cruelty Free.

This company was set up by a lovely lady called Aycin, her daughter suffered with severe Eczema from birth, nothing that the doctor was prescribing was helping the condition so Aycin teamed up with some of the best people in the Organic industry and developed her own range of products to try and ease her daughter's skin condition.   Aycin's daughter is now 4 years old and has been clear of Eczema for more than 2 years  Aycin has developed a range of products for babies, ladies and is currently working on a men's range, as well as a facial skincare range.

I was sent the B Organic Grapefruit & Lemongrass Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

I love the packaging and the fact that both products have a pump dispenser, I find my products last twice as long if they have a pump dispenser.

The bath/shower gel has a very lively, zingy smell and I would recommend using this in the morning to wake you up and refresh you.  The gel is clear and lathers nicely, skin feels soft and not dry after use.

The body lotion has a much more subtle smell.  The consistency is just right for me and massages into the skin very quickly.  I have had a dry patch on my back for several months now, when I get out of the bath it itches like mad, this body lotion instantly soothed the area,  which has stopped me scratching it, over the weeks the patch of dry skin has become smaller and I am hoping that it will disappear totally soon.  This lotion is also great as a post wax treatment and caused no irritation at all.

I am really looking forward to trying the Body Balm and the Foot Balm as I have read some fabulous review about these products.

If you would like to learn more about these beautiful products then please visit the B Organic Website B Organic Facebook Page or follow @borganicskin on Twitter.

Pai Macademia & Rose Moisturiser

Natalie Portman is a beautiful woman, Fact.

Natalie Portman is a huge fan of Pai skincare, Fact.

I know this because Natalie Potman said so in Harpers Bazaar, Fact.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I was sent a bottle of Pai Macademia & Rose Moisturiser to try from Apostle.

What they say ..........

Formulated to provide an intensive hydration boost for dry and mature skin.  This ultra-nourishing cream is rich in Palmitic Acid, an oil produced by the skin, which depletes as we get older.  Use as a Day or Night Cream to hydrate, smooth and protect your skin.

Macademia:  This nourishing nut oil keeps skin soft and supple.  It's rich in Palmitic Acid, an oil produced by the skin, which depletes as we get older.

Rose:  This wonder flower helps skin to retain moisture.  It's rejuvenating and restorative properties make it particularly beneficial to dry or weather-beaten skin.

Pai Macademia & Rose Moisturiser

What I say ........

First of all the packaging, I can't tell you how thrilled I was that this product came in a glass bottle, I just love products that are in glass bottles, especially when they come with a pump dispenser too for hygiene purposes.

Secondly the smell, oh my goodness the smell is amazing.  I would recommend that you dispense one pump of product onto your hand, warm the product in your palms and before applying to your face cup your hands over your nose and inhale deeply.  The aroma is absolutely divine.

Now onto the important part.  I am drawn more and more to natural products as I get older and found this moisturiser an absolute joy to use.  Pai develops skincare especially for people with sensitive, highly reactive and allergy prone skin.  As soon as this product hits the skin you just know it's doing your skin good, there is no stinging or tingling, there is just instant soothing and calming.

I try out lots of skin products on a regular basis for review purposes and have found that over time my skin has become more and more sensitive and reactive to certain ingredients.  What I have found with Pai is that no matter what state my skin is in, Pai takes it right back to where I want it to be within a few days.  By that I mean that if I have had a reaction to something I have been using then I will stop using that product and use Pai, within a few days my skin is back to normal.  I would recommend Pai to anyone with very sensitive skin and also to anyone looking for a natural skincare range.

If it's good enough for Natalie Portman it's good enough for me.  Fact.

For more information on the full range of Pai products go to the website or follow @apostleskincare on Twitter.

*FYI this product was provided by PR


I was delighted to be sent a bottle of Rio Rosa Mosqueta to try as I had recently reviewed another brand of rosehip oil and was intrigued to see if there would be any difference. 

This is what they say...... 

With a success rate of over 90% in clinical trials this 100% pure, pressed Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil, with no additives or chemicals, really is ‘The’ Natural alternative for fading scars and blemishes.
Use this beauty oil for...
  • Scars 
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Fine Lines 
  • Crow's Feet 
  • Sun Damage 

Rosa Mosqueta is a wild rose that grows high in the Chillean Andes, the oil is pressed from the rosehips.  As well as Essential Fatty Acids and Gamma Linoleic Acid, Rosa Mosqueta contains Trans-Retinoic, a natural form of Vitamin A.

Pump DispenserRio Rosa Mosqueta Product Image
So, I started using this about 3 weeks ago, I have been using it just in the evenings as I am not a fan of facial oils during the day.  I love the pump dispenser and there is virtually no smell to the oil.  It sinks into the skin quite quickly and does not leave a residue.  I have 3 small scars on my face where I had some moles removed several years ago, I am amazed that after such a short space of time these scars are now barely visible.  I also had some redness around my nose and chin, which after using another oil had started to improve, since using Rosa Mosqueta this redness is almost non existent and the general tone of my skin is much improved.  

I am very impressed with this product and have decided that I will now try it on an operation scar on my stomach.  I will do a review update in a couple of months time.

You can get more information about this miracle oil from @RioRosaMosqueta on twitter, or visit their website

*PR Sample


I was recently sent some samples for an anti ageing skincare range from Arbonne.  These products are made in Switzerland and are formulated without the use of Synthetic Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Diethanolamine or any Animal Derived Ingredients.

The RE9 Advanced range synergises not 1 but 9 major age-defying elements and botanicals in a powerful system of products which is clinically proven to start working within 24 hours (based on an 8 week consumer clinical study).

RE9 Advanced Skincare From Arbonne

The samples I received only gave me a couple of days use for each product, so I can't give you a full review regarding any dramatic changes to my skin.  The products felt luxurious and I especially liked the intensive Renewal Serum and the Corrective Eye Creme.  

Arbonne also have an RE9 Advanced range for men as well as an array of skin and body care products, sun care and cosmetics.

You can find out more about this range by contacting @KarLennox on Twitter, her Facebook page or on her Website


Much to my husband's delight I was sent some products from The Gentry Grooming Co for him to try.  He was a bit concerned when he saw the products as he has been using an electric shaver for years.  I briefed him as to what I needed him to do for this review and off he went to try them out.

What they say......

Achieve professional results at home with THE SHAVE CREAM (100ml), £12.95 from The Essentials Range. This super rich formula ensures a closer and more comfortable shave, protecting the skin from irritations caused by daily shaving, such as nicks, razor bumps and in-growing hairs. Infused with Black Pepper & Mint, this luxurious shave cream will make your daily shave ritual an invigorating experience. Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Silk and Vitamin E soften and soothe the skin. Shaving will never have felt so good!

Gentry Grooming Co Shaving Cream

What he said.....

Typical man, he used way too much of the shaving cream initially, he said that the cream felt more like a moisturiser than a shaving cream, much nicer than the canned mousse he used the last time he used a razor.  The razor glided over his face and resulted in the closest, cleanest shave he'd had for years.  He liked the consistency of the shave cream and loved the smell of the mint.

What they say....

For the ultimate post shave treat, indulge in THE FACE BALM (100ml), £14.95 from The Essentials Range. Infused with Black Pepper & Mint, this light hydrating moisturiser is easily absorbed into the skin and contains a UV filter to protect the skin against free radical damage, helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Nourishing Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Ceramides leave skin feeling soft and supple.

Gentry Grooming Co Face Balm
What he said........

He absolutely loved the face balm.  He said it felt nice and cooling on the face after the shave, it sank into the skin very easily and his skin felt hydrated all day.  He loved the masculine fresh mint smell of the balm and has become slightly addicted to it.  I know this because he is getting up a bit earlier so that he can wet shave rather than use his electric shaver in the car on the way to work!!

What I say......

My husband is a man a few words, he tends to just roll his eyes at me if I am raving about a product.  He is not very often impressed by products and I am lucky to get a 'yes, it's alright but I wouldn't go and buy it' out of him.  However, I can tell he actually loves these products as when he comes downstairs in the morning he insists that we 'rub faces' so that I can feel how smooth his skin is.  He has also wondered if the products will last him until Father's Day and has asked me to suggest to our children that if they are wondering what to buy him he would quite like some more of these products.

So ladies if your man is like mine and not really into skincare, then I recommend you treat him to something from The Gentry Grooming Co and who knows, there maybe some 'face rubbing' going on in your kitchen too!!

Stockists: / / / / House of Fraser Manchester & Glasgow

*FYI these products were provided by PR

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