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GIVEAWAY WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System

On Tuesday I posted a review on the wrinklemd Eye Hyaluronic Filler System

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System

WrinkleMD were kind enough to send me a WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System 30-Day Starter System worth £150 to give away to one of my lovely readers.  If you are of a certain age and have concerns about fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, or if you have a friend or family member who is concerned about their lines and wrinkles then this giveaway is for you.

This giveaway is for my UK and Ireland followers only.

The giveaway will close on Sunday 19th May 2013 at Midnight.

The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and announced on Monday 20th May 2013 on this blog.

The winner will have 48 hours to contact me with shipping details, if no contact is made another winner will be chosen at random.

The prize will be posted by myself as soon as the winner has contacted me.


*This prize was provided by WrinkleMD

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots Review

In August last year I became involved in a conversation on Twitter with @CollgenShots about their new anti-ageing drink.  I was very intrigued and during the conversation a couple of other people joined in and started singing the praises of this miracle nightly drink.  I had a good read of the information on the website and then had a look around the internet for reviews and decided that I needed to try this for myself.  I ordered that afternoon and the product arrived the next morning.

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots

Collagen Shots were developed by Kathryn Danzey, she has 37 years in the beauty industry and certainly knows her stuff.  Her aim was to make a potent product that worked and was available to everyone.  Collagen Shots has 10,000 mgs of Marine Extract Collagen per serving, Acai Berry, vitamins B3, B5, B6 and C and Hyaluronic Acid.

Rejuvenated Collagen Ingredients

One pouch will last for 30 days and comes with a measuring scoop.  You just mix one scoop of powder with water and drink before going to bed.  You can mix the powder with juice or a smoothie if you prefer but I quite like the taste of it with water.  It has a very diluted berry juice taste to it.  I find it easier to mix in a jug with a whisk as there is a tendency for it to go lumpy if you try to mix it in a glass.

For the first 2 weeks of taking Collagen Shots I didn't notice much difference in my skin and to be honest I was expecting to wake up one morning and find that all my wrinkles had vanished in the night.

The first place I noticed a difference was on my shins,  I must admit at this point that although I am constantly paying attention to my face and showering it twice daily in luxurious lotions and potions I totally neglect my body.  I tend to have baths that are too hot and only apply body lotion when I'm on holiday.  As a result I have crocodile skin on my shins, my arms and thighs are usually crying out for moisture!  The skin on my shins was transformed, very smooth, lovely and soft.  Not long after that I noticed that by bumpy thighs and upper arms were also super soft and bump free, even my husband commented on how lovely my skin looked and felt.

The skin on my face definitely felt soft and there was a very subtle softening of the lines around my eyes.  By the time I was on my second month of Collagen Shots I started to notice that the fine lines around my upper lip were not as noticeable.  I stopped taking Collagen Shots in November after I became unemployed and within a few weeks my skin had lost that lovely softness that I had come to love.  Happily I am now back on Collegen Shots, just over the 2 week mark and the softness is returning.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots Review

Collagen Shots are currently £36 for a 30 Day supply (£1.20 Per Day)  If you purchase 3 packets you get free shipping, International Shipping is also available.  To find out more about Collagen Shots visit You can also tweet them @CollagenShots

* I am not affiliated with Collagen Shots,

Hydraluron Moisture Booster Review

Along with Eyesilix from Indeed Labs, Hydraluron Moisture Booster is a product that Beauty Bloggers raved about and was also a product I didn't purchase straight away as I wasn't sure whether or not it was a product I wanted or needed.  Most of the reviews were from bloggers with very young and beautiful skin and I wasn't sure a more mature blogger like myself would benefit from this product.

Hydraluron Moisture Booster

After loving the Eyesilix I decided to purchase Hydraluron and see for myself.  First of all I was surprised that it was only a 30ml tube for £24.99 but in hindsight this was probably a good thing.  If you're anything like me when I have a 100ml tube of product in my hands I always use 2 or 3 times more product than I need to.  With Hydraluron if you're left with a sticky feeling face you have definitely used too much.

This product contains the world's purest Hyaluronic Acid along with a Bio-Engineered Marine Red Algae, this causes an increase in blood circulation, this helps the penetration of the Hyaluronic Acid into the deep layers of the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid then refills in the spaces caused by ageing and improves the structure of the skin.

You use this morning and night before any of your moisturisers, you can just apply to the really dry areas but I apply it all over my face/neck and chest area.  If you have applied the correct amount then you will feel nothing on your face but if you have applied too much you will be left with a sticky/tacky coating.  Once you have applied your normal lotions and potions on top you will notice how brighter and plumper your skin looks almost immediately, with continued use the skin feels super soft and just looks well rested and hydrated.  You will notice how much less of your usual products you use too.

This is definitely worth the £24.99

If you are concerned about ageing or dehydrated skin then you need to pop this product into your routine.

Hydraluron is available from Boots

Now the only thing left for me to try is Peptabrite, have you tried this, would you recommend it?

*This product was purchased and paid for by me.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System Review

Many months ago I was sent WrinkleMD Eye 30 Day Starter System to review.  At the time I had just had Botox around the eye area so I wanted to wait until that had worn off until I started to review this product so I could give a true account of the results that I had.

So four weeks ago I used WrinkleMD Eye for the first time.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System

Inside the box you get an activator pod, 6 sets of Hyaluronic Filler patch sets and a drawstring bag to keep the activator pod in.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System review

WrinkleMD use a patented Infusion Technology which delivers a concentrated boost of Hyaluronic Acid deep into the surface of the skin and much deeper than topical serums and creams.  Strict clinical studies showed a 15 times greater reduction in fine lines and wrinkles than a leading anti-aging serum.  Results were measured using silicone replicas and the VISIA complexion analysis.  the studies also found that after 40 minutes use 95% of participants experienced a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, softer, smoother looking skin, after 4 weeks 95% of participants had firmer younger looking skin and deep set wrinkles were significantly reduced.  Some very big claims there, so as you can imagine I was very keen to give this a try.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System instructions

The product is very easy to use, attach the activator pod buds to the patches, peel off the patches, apply and press gently onto the skin, tuck the activator pod cords behind your ears and clip the activator pod onto clothing.  When both patches make contact with the skin, the activator pod light will turn green and blink throughout the treatment, after 40 minutes the light will flash red and turn off.  After treatment discard used patches.

For an intensive two week power treatment it is recommended to use the patches twice a week for the first two weeks and then one treatment a week for maintenance.

I found this system very easy to use and was pleased that I didn't have to worry about timing the treatment. In the instructions it states that you may feel slight tingling from one patch to the other but I didn't feel anything whilst using the system.  After the first use I noticed that the eye area was very hydrated and felt very soft.  After two weeks intensive at twice a week and then two weeks at once a week I have noticed that there is an improvement in the overall look of my eye area.  The skin definitely feels much more hydrated, the fine lines have faded significantly and the deeper lines don't appear to be so obvious.

This is a very easy treatment to do at home, the visible results are very subtle, this is not an overnight miracle treatment but with continued use the results are accumulative.  The results will never match the almost immediate results of Botox but if you are looking for an alternative to the needle then this may be system for you.

For more information you can visit where you can read more about the clinical trials and results and see some very impressive before and after photographs.

WrinkleMD is available in the United Kingdom from RRP £150 for the 30 Day Starter Kit and £100 for the Refill Patch Kit (2 month Supply).  In USA it's available from

Now I've just worked out that for a 12 month supply it will cost you £750  However, if you have Botox and you are paying £250 every 4 months (maybe more if you live in London) then it works out the same for both.

I haven't decided yet whether I am going to continue using this system or go back to the Botox.  What would you do?  Are you a fan of Botox or would you prefer to spend the same amount on a no-needle method of anti-aging?

I have a 30 Day Starter Kit worth £150 to give HERE.

*PR Sample

Lanolips 101 Ointment Review

I think I have just found my hero lip product for 2013.  I know I'm a little late to the Lanolips party but oh my goodness does Lanolips 101 ointment live up to the hype!

I have been trialing the new 'purse size' Lanolips 101 ointment for that past 3 weeks and I can't tell you how much I love this product.

Lanolips 101 Ointment

It has an exclusive formula that is able to hold over 200% of it's own weight in moisture and this means it works very quickly  to help relieve and repair dry, cracked lips.  It gives a lovely glossy finish to the lips but also works well as a base for lipstick.  Lanolips 101 has a multitude of uses, for instance it can be used on the eyelids and cheekbones to add a subtle sheen, it can also be used to get your unruly brows under control.  There is no real taste or scent to this balm, it just feels amazing, stays on the lips really well and does what it claims to do.  After having a cold last weeks this worked wonders for the sore, dry skin around my nose.

Lanolips 101 is made with Ultra-Pure Medical-Grade Lanolin, it is cruelty free and is safe enough to be used on newborn babies.

This has definitely earned a permanent place in my handbag.

Lanolips 101 Purse Sized is available exclusively at RRP £7.99 9g

*PR Sample

LVX Spring Collection Nail Polishes

The New LVX Spring Collection Nail Polishes are now available from

LVX Spring Collection Nail Polishes

L to R Viridian, Indigo Bleu, Citrine, Fantom, Cerulean, Azalea

LVX Spring Collection Nail Polishes

All of the polishes are Cruelty Free, Long Lasting, Chip resistant, Free From Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor and harsh toxic chemicals.  These polishes are suitable for Vegans.  The polishes are available now from for £10.99 each.

Bargain Alert

Whilst stocks last the LVX Winter Collection is Buy One Get One Free, 2 polishes for £10.99 at

*I am not affiliated with LVX or Cloud 10 Beauty.

Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue Review

Whilst waiting for a train at London Euston I found myself in the tiny Boots store with the intention of buying a bottle of water, heading to the water stand this little product caught my eye.  Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue.  Having read gushing reviews about this product I couldn't resist popping one in my basket.

review of Indeed Labs Eysilix instant eye rescue

It claims to instantly lift the eye area, reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fatigue and crows feet.  Well my expectations were high to say the least.

I applied as instructed, I was straight away disappointed that I didn't experience a satisfying tingle and there was no visible lifting of the eye area.  I carried on using the product everyday for about a month and although it was a  nice eye cream and kept the area well hydrated I just didn't see any of the  benefits claimed.  I decided to go back to the eye cream that I had been using previously and just put it down to 'one of those products that just didn't work for me'.  I was in for a shock, 3 or 4 days after I stopped using Eysilix my eyes looked terrible, my dark circles looked darker than I'd ever seen them, there was puffiness, my whole eye area just looked dry and crepey.  Could it really be that Eysilix had actually worked.  I started using Eysilix again and I'm happy to report that within a week the dark circles have diminished considerably, there is no puffiness and the eye area just looks brighter and smoother.

This product is definitely one of those that you don't know how good it is until you stop using it.

I have just purchased my second tube, which is unheard of for me, I usually try the latest thing in eye creams and then move onto something new.  I don't think I have ever purchased the same eye cream twice.

Pop over to where you can read for yourself the science behind Eysilix along with the ingredients.

Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue gets a great big thumbs up from me.  You can purchase this product from RRP £24.99 for 15ml or 2,499 boots points.

*This product was purchased and paid for by me.

GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud Mask Review

I read umpteen rave reviews about the GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud mask last year.  I was a bit sceptical to be honest as the majority of the reviews I read were from lovely young bloggers that already had gorgeous skin.  It was only when I discovered that the mask was sold at at £39.99 with free p&p instead of the RRP of £49.50 for 50ml that I caved in and ordered it.

GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud Mask review

Well you probably all know by now that this is a thick dark green mud with flakes of green tea in it.

You apply to cleansed skin and leave for around 10 minutes.  The mask dries hard to a light green colour,  At this point you can dampen the mask and lightly massage the skin, the pumice in the mask gives an effective exfoliation effect or you can just rinse the mask off.

It is stated that the mask is an anti ageing facial in a jar and will deliver a 3 day glow.

Well, as a cleansing and exfoliating mask it is very effective, I noticed a slight tingling to my skin as I applied it, so anyone with very sensitive skin should maybe give this a miss.  The mask sets very hard within 10 minutes, I then used a little warm water to moisten the mask to use as an exfoliator before removing with a flannel.  My skin was slightly pink for around 30 minutes but had been very effectively cleansed and exfoliated.  There was a slight glow to my skin and my make up applied smoothly but this effect did not last for 3 days and my skin certainly didn't feel like I'd had a facial.

Did I like this mask?  Well yes I did like the mask but I wasn't really wowed by it, I certainly wasn't £50 a jar wowed!

Would I buy this mask again?  No, I get better and longer lasting results from Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask, which is half the price.

Have you tried GlamGlow?

Do you use a mask regularly that gives you similar or better results than GlamGlow?

*Product purchased and paid for by me.

Mariah Carey By OPI Collection

The new Mariah Carey By OPI Collection is now available from

The collection features 8 new limited edition shades.  there are 4 Studio Shades and 4 Stage Shades

A Butterfly Moment from the Studio Shades

Sprung from the Studio Shades

Anti-Bleak from the Studio Shades

Pink Yet Lavender from the Studio Shades

 Stay The Night from the Stage Shades

Can't Let Go from the Stage Shades

Get Your Number from the Stage Shades

The Impossible from the Stage Shades

As with all OPI polishes there is no DPB, no Toluene and no Formaldehyde.  These polishes also have the exclusive ProWide brush for easy application.

They are available at for £9.50 each and there is also a mini collection available.

Will you be trying any of the above shades?  What do you think to the liquid Sand polishes?

*I am not affiliated with Cloud 10 Beauty or OPI.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I've never tried anything from the Philip Kingsley range so I was really keen to take up the offer to trial the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner.

I've had issues with my hair over the past 12 months, this has mainly been due to the menopause and a slightly underactive thyroid.  My hair became really lack lustre and was also falling out.  Once I had been on HRT for a few months the shedding stopped and the condition of my hair improved over time but I don't have the volume that I once had.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo

Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner

Firstly, the shampoo, it is a clear gel like consistency that smells lovely and fresh and is very unisex.  I live in a hard water area so I am used to having to use lots of shampoo to get any lather at all in my hair, with this I only needed a small amount to get a heaps of lather.  Whilst washing my hair I could almost feel my hair thickening and by the time I got to the second wash it felt as though my hair had doubled in volume, I couldn't believe it.

Now, a word of caution about the conditioner, DO NOT use this at the root of the hair or you will run the risk of sporting the greasy hair look.  Only use on mid lengths and ends of hair, use sparingly and rinse thoroughly.  If used correctly this really does put moisture back into the hair, I use lots of heat on my hair to get volume into it and as a result the ends of my hair are really dry, this conditioner has really addressed that problem.

The only problem I have found is the caps on both bottles.  I do not have manual dexterity problems but I struggled with the caps, It's difficult when in the shower to find the lip where the cap opens so I now open the bottles before getting into the shower.

One of the best places to purchase the 'Philip Kingsley' range is from QVC, whilst there have a look at their 'Beauty Products' department for a whole host of products at really great prices.

The shampoo normally retails at £15 for 250 ml and the conditioner at £18 for 250 ml but you can purchases both for £25 plus p&p

Although these products are probably more expensive than your normal High Street shampoo and conditioner, if you are trying to address a specific problem then they are definitely worth the investment.  I no longer need to use thickening mousse and thickening spray on my hair, so the money I have saved on those products makes this duo affordable.

*PR Sample

Sampar 3 Day Weekend Review

You know what it's like when you get on a flight and your mission of the day is to buy something, anything from the Duty Free magazine, well Sampar 3 day Weekend is one of those purchases.  Whilst browsing the magazine I spotted this product and was intrigued so parted with £30 immediately.

I wasn't sure what the product was for, what was in it or what it was going to do for me.

Lets just say I was very pleasantly surprised.
Sampar 3 Day Weekend

This is a moisturising gel with a tan activator.  It claims to increase melanin levels by 32% and will even work without the sun.  This product is not a self tanner and results will vary on the skins natural ability to produce melanin.

Now the first time I used this I was actually on holiday but I was really impressed with how it performed.  I used this instead of my normal moisturiser under a very high SPF sun cream.  I hardly ever tan on my face but using this I had the best tan I've had.  

I have used this periodically over the last couple of months when I am looking and feeling a bit 'Peely Wally' (if you are from Scotland you will know what that means, if not google it).

I have since purchased several other items from the Sampar range after seeing the reviews that Thom from has blogged about.  I will be reviewing these products in the near future.

You can purchase the whole Sampar range at they offer free shipping and a free sample of another Sampar product when you spend over £20

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