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Orofluido Beauty Elixir For Your Hair

Hair and oil in the same sentence just doesn't seem right does it?  However, hair and beauty elixir conjures up images of long, flowing, silken locks.  

At the beginning of the year I started to read a lot of reviews on Moroccan Oil Treatment, some said it had transformed their hair and I was eager to give this miracle oil a try, although at more than £30 a bottle I wasn't that eager. 

Now a couple of weeks ago I went along to my hairdresser, whilst she was cutting my hair I just happened to mention that I was suffering from a lot of static in my hair and asked her for her opinion on investing in a bottle of Moroccan Oil.  She suggested that I use Orofluido Elixir, well she would wouldn't she seeing as she stocks it in her salon! She explained how to use it and what the benefits are and she also had an offer on with 20% off all products, so it would cost £19.99  for a 100ml bottle.  She used Orofluido on my damp hair and I was so impressed with the results I took the plunge and made the purchase.

orofluido beauty elixir for hair

This oil is very thick, you need to use the smallest amount and then run it through the mid lengths off your hair, stay away from the hair roots.  Drying time is decreased and it leaves the hair smelling of a mixture of vanilla and amber, absolutely gorgeous.  My hair feels smooth but also volumised, I love, love, love it, the best thing is that since using this oil I have had no static in my hair whatsoever.

I took the photograph of the bottle this morning, I have used this oil every day for the past 2 weeks and as you can see the bottle still looks full, I think I will get months and months of use out of this bottle.  It was definitely worth £20.00

Oriofluido Beauty Elixir is available in salons and is currently on Amazon for £19.96 I think if you shop around on the internet you may even be able to get yourself a better deal.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Kit

There is nothing I like more than doing a bit of beauty shopping at 37,000 feet.  The first thing I do once I am settled in my seat is browse the duty free catalogue.  The Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye kit appealed to me as I have been using the Gel Eyeliner for several years so I know how good it is and I was particularly interested in the Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow.  There is usually a different Bobbi Brown set available once or twice a year as a travel exclusive.

So here is what is in the Long Wear Eye Kit.

Bobbi Brown long wear eye kit

review of bobbi brown long wear eye kit

As you can see you get a little mini bottle of Long Wear Make Up remover, a Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink, a Long Wear Cream Shadow in Sandy Gold and a double ended brush.

I'm not a big fan of eye make up removers, I like a cleanser that I can use on my eyes as well as my face, but I have to say as eye make up removers go this one is really good.  It dissolves make up on contact and efficiently removes every trace in one sweep of a cotton wool pad.  There was no rubbing required and I was not left partially sighted by the product smearing in my eye.  Although I wouldn't rush out and buy a full sized bottle I would happily use this again if it turned up in another travel set.

The Long Wear Gel Liner is lovely, once it's on it stays there until I take it off, there is no smudging or budging with this one, the thing I most like about this eyeliner is that it doesn't creep into the crinkles on my crepey eyelids.  Would definitely recommend this if you are a lady of a certain age but don't want to give up your liner.

The Long Wear Shadow worried me a bit, I have tried squillions of cream eye shadows that promise not to crease, I have tried umpteen primers that promise the gift of smooth eyelids and shadow that doesn't budge, I'm still looking for a primer that lives up to the hype.  So there I was in 97 degrees in Florida trying a cream eye shadow.  First of all the colour is a lovely neutral sand colour as opposed to gold, no glitter but a hint of shimmer, it covered my tea stain coloured eyelids perfectly to give a nice fresh colour wash, that coupled with the Espresso Ink liner gave a perfect daytime look.  I have to tell you ladies this eye shadow did not crease, even in the Florida heat, I am so impressed with this shadow that I will be purchasing a few more when I am next near a Bobbi Brown counter.

The Brush to be honest is a waste of time, it is far too small for me to work with, I have a full size Bobbi Brown liner brush and that is perfect.

This Travel Exclusive set cost £27.00 which is good value for money as the eye shadow is £15.00 and the eye liner is £15.50  I purchased this set on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

Skin Science Bio Active Quicklift Mask

Don't you just love those words, Quick and Lift in the same sentence?  Well you might if you are over 40 and worried about the signs of ageing.

Now this isn't my first liaison with Skin Science, a little while ago I reviewed their Bio Active Renewal Complex Cream 

This brand is from Norway and is proven to delay skin ageing by a massive 20%.  It is inspired by the marine life found along the country's Arctic coastline and is based on key ingredients clinically-proven to have a radical effect on the skin.  The brand's scientists have created a range of 6 core products.

The Bio Active Quicklift Mask contains 2 of the company's patented ingredients, Quicklift and Spermine.  It claims to give a non-surgical facelift that is so effective it's been dubbed the 'Lunch Break Lift'.  In just 30 minutes the skin firmness is improved by up to 47%, powerfully lifting and plumping the skin on the face, neck and decolleté.  This result will last for several hours.

So how does it work I hear you ask.  Well Quicklift is a non-sticky compound, it creates an invisible network of sugars that tighten, firm, smooth and brighten the surface of the skin.  

skin science bio active quick lift mask

The mask is a thick dark green gel.  You put an even layer over face, neck and decolleté and relax until it is dry, now this can take anything up to 30 minutes depending on the temperature of your skin.  It has quite a pungent smell but it isn't unpleasant.  Mine dried in about 20 minutes.  Whilst it is drying there is a tightening sensation.  It is recommended that you peel the skin off in one piece, easier said than done, but I managed to get it off in 3 pieces.  My skin was definitely lifted and my 'sleep creases' had almost disappeared, my jawline felt firmer than it has in a long time.  Later in the day when I checked my face in the mirror the effects were still evident and my skin felt so smooth and soft.  Oh how I wish I had the time and the money to apply this every morning.  I have to say that this is the most effective lifting skin product that I have ever used, it's just a shame that the effect is temporary.

The mask retails at £60 for 100ml.  I know that is very expensive for a mask but for me the results were so impressive that I will definitely re-purchase.  I would only use this on special occasions and I have estimated that I would get at least 7-8 masks which is about £7.50 per mask, which is money well spent in my book for such a confidence boost.

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Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray

Whenever I go to USA I love looking round the shops for new beauty products.  I also love their hair care ranges, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

On a recent trip to Florida I visited one of my favourite American shops, Target.  Now Target sells everything, food, clothes, electrical items, you name it and they sell it, they also have a hair and beauty section. I spent quite a few dollars in there I can tell you.

One of the ranges that caught my beady eye was the Organix hair range and in particular the Brazilian Keratin Therapy Range.  I picked up the Flat Iron Spray for $7.99 which is about £5.00

organix brazilian therapy flat iron spray

I use my GHD's every day and I am very aware of the damage that these can cause so I always use a flat iron protector.  For the last couple of years I have been using Lee Stafford Poker Straight and it has served me very well.  When I saw this on the shelves I was attracted by the fact that it is Sulfate and Sodium free and the ingredients of Cocoa Nut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil sound so nourishing and comforting.

You apply this onto dry hair, spritz directly onto the section of hair that you are about to straighten.  The smell is amazing, it reminded me of Pina Colada, the GHD's just glided over my hair, there was no snagging at all.  Once my hair was straightened it had the most amazing shine to it.  The lovely aroma stayed on my hair all day and it just felt so silky and smooth.

On my first day back at work after my holiday a colleague asked what I had done to my hair, I said I hadn't done anything to it and asked her what made her think I had, she replied that my hair was practically sparkling as it was so glossy and shiny.

I absolutely love this product and I am so pleased that I purchased 2 bottles which will hopefully last until I go back to America in December.

I have checked on the internet and you can buy this product from Amazon UK where it retails for £9.01 you can also purchase the shampoo, conditioner, serum and straightening treatment.  I am sure that if you search the internet you may be able to find somewhere that sells it at a more reasonable price.

FULLfast - The NEW 100% Natural Appetite Control Spray

When I was sent FULLfast to try I have to admit I was sceptical, I have tried appetite suppressants in the past and I got nothing more than a racing heartbeat.  Admittedly it has been years since I have tried anything like this so I was hoping that things may be a bit different.

The first problem I had was deciding when to try FULLfast, as some of you know I work shifts and sometimes can go 12 hours without eating a thing due to the nature of my job.  I then decided to try FULLfast whilst I was on holiday.  I was spending 2 weeks in Florida, the land of fast food and HUGE portions.  Now I come from a generation where you were not allowed to leave the table until your plate was empty, I am sure this has followed me into adult life and I will clear my plate even when I am fit to burst.  I was hoping that FULLfast would break this lifetime habit.

FULLfast natural appetite control

So, here is how you use FULLfast :-

DOSAGE: Pump 3 sprays under the tongue a few seconds apart, 5 times a day and at least 30 minutes before or after meals. For example: twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon and once in the evening before or after dinner.
FULLfast™ should be used regularly.  The best results are achieved with continuous use, at least 4-8 weeks.  The sublingual spray is the ideal formula for FULLfast™, as the sublingual mucosa is very fine and has an excellent blood supply, enabling rapid absorption of the product’s active ingredients.

Each 50ml bottle lasts 30 days.

I carried this around in my bag for the 2 weeks and used it as instructed.  I ordered child meals, which in USA are still larger than adult meals in the UK, sometimes I would just share a meal with my daughters by asking for an extra plate.  I would say whilst using FULLfast my daily intake of food was half of what it normally is, I ate until I was satisfied and not until the plate was empty.  I don't believe in weighing myself but I know I have lost weight as my clothes are much looser and I can see a physical difference on my thighs and stomach area.  I didn't use FULLfast yesterday as I was feeling the full effects of jet lag but I only ate half of my dinner and I didn't snack at all, I was amazed by this as when I am tired I always head for the chocolate, in fact now I think about it I haven't had any chocolate since I started using FULLfast, wow, that is a miracle in itself.  I will continue using FULLfast now that I am back in the UK as the bottle provides one month supply.  If nothing else FULLfast seems to have retrained my brain into not overeating.  I am delighted with the results, will you be giving it a try?

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Aubrey Organics Lumessence Lift Firming Renewal Cream with CoQ10 Liposomes

This moisturiser makes some huge claims about how effective it is at moisturising, firming and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  All of these things I look for in a moisturiser but sadly not all of them live up to the hype.  Do you want to know how this one performed?  Well let me begin.

First off, this is what Aubrey Organics have to say :-

A breakthrough in natural complexion care, this revolutionary face cream replenishes and renews skin for a younger-looking complexion. Used regularly, Lumessence Lift has a gradual tightening effect on the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the complexion soft and well-hydrated for up to eight hours.

  • Algae extract has a gradual tightening effect, leaving skin firmer and younger-looking
    with regular use.
  • CoQ10 liposomes support cell structure with antioxidant and protective action.
  • Oat Protein is an antiwrinkle ingredient, clinically shown to reduce fine lines by 34%
    and deep wrinkles by 57%, and to keep skin hydrated for up to eight hours after application.
  • Moisturizing, humectant and vitamin liposomes deliver hydrators and nutrients onto the
    skin all day, while natural alpha-hydroxy liposomes gently encourage exfoliation to reveal
    new, fresh skin cells.

Aubrey organics lumessence lift firming renewal cream

See what I mean, some very bold statements there, especially regarding the wrinkle reduction.

So with all those claims I was intrigued to see how this cream would perform.  This cream actually is luminescent, it has a real glow to it, when applied to the skin it has a blurring effect, giving the illusion of much smoother skin.  The cream provides a perfect base for make up.  I must also mention that I work in an air conditioned environment and after a 10-12 hour shift my skin nor my make up look it's best, however, this cream really helped to keep my skin moisturised and my make up looked fresher for longer.

I used this cream twice a day for 3 weeks and although I haven't seen my wrinkles reduce by 57%  I have noticed that there is a definite improvement in the firmness of my skin and and the fine lines are not as noticeable.  After using for 3 weeks I went on holiday so I switched to a face cream with sun protection, maybe with continued use over a period of time I would've noticed more of a reduction in my wrinkles.

As I still have two thirds of the jar left I am going to resume using this cream and who knows, with continued use I may have that 57% reduction in my wrinkles after all.  I will do a blog update once I have emptied the jar.

I would suggest that this cream would be suitable for all skin types and predominantly for the more mature skin.

This cream retails at £31.64 for 30mls.

There is a really interesting history surrounding Aubrey Hampton, he was a dedicated animal rights activist and  strongly committed to operating a cruelty-free company.

Have a look at the Aubrey Organics Website they offer an amazing array of products catering for babies, beauty junkies and even our pets.  They even have a section advising which synthetic ingredients to avoid.

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Radiant C Face Quencher From Herbalife

I jumped at the chance of giving this product a workout as I knew it would be perfect to try on my holiday to Florida.  Daytime temperatures were around 96 degrees with 80% humidity so I knew my skin was going to be suffering.  It is really difficult trying to keep your skin hydrated in those conditions, you are either outside melting or inside in the air conditioning, both of which are not skin friendly environments.

Radiant C Face Quencher was a skin saviour.

radiant c face quencher

This product comes in a very portable 50ml bottle so takes up minimum space in your handbag or pocket.  I kept mine in the fridge overnight before popping it into my bag each morning.  A quick spritz provides skin with a cool antioxidant burst and gives instant hydration and moisture.  I used about half my bottle during the 2 weeks and will continue to use it at work as I work in an air conditioned office, it will also help to freshen up my make up during a long shift.

This product retails at £7.00 so go and have a look at the Herbalife Website where you can find out all about their Radiant C range.

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