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Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer Review

 I was really pleased when Astrid from  answered my Blogger SOS and  offered to guest post for me whilst I am on holiday.  I am a long time follower of her lovely, informative blog, so I know from experience that I am leaving my blog and my readers in very good hands.

Review of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

When Jude kindly agreed to host me as a guest blogger, I wondered what I could write about. Feeling inspired by the Audrey Hepburn quotation on the Love, Lust & Fairy Dust homepage, I felt it would be fitting to write my review around one of the style icon’s personal beauty products. Philip Kingsley, the renowned hair guru, used to tend the tresses of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star and his signature treatment, Elasticizer has gained iconic status itself within the industry.

phillip kingsley elasticizer

The award-winning Elacticizer is the bestselling product from the Philip Kingsley range, counting the likes of Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Lucy Liu as fans. At its launch at Saks 5th Avenue in New York, 

Elasticizer sold out three times over! It was the world’s first pre-shampoo treatment and it’s this aspect which I particularly like. Although you need to dampen hair before applying, I personally find it easier to use a mask in this way (as opposed to post-shampoo, in the middle of my shower) as it means I can get on with chores whilst the mask works its magic. The box includes a plastic cap to cover hair whilst the mask conditions, which I feel shows just how well thought out the product is. I also like the whipped texture of the mask although I’m relieved to hear that Philip Kingsley are finally launching Elasticizer in a tube format as getting the product out of the tub proved a little messy.

I really like that Elasticizer is unfragranced and although this is quite a cultural change (after all, us girls like our products to smell good!), it means that the treatment is also suitable for those with sensitivity.
Given that it’s a pre-shampoo treatment, Elastizer is easy to rinse out and doesn’t leave hair feeling weighed down. My hair was left smoothed and cared for yet I needed to use shine spray to enhance the finish.
As my fine hair is in pretty good condition, I don’t need to use Elasticizer very often but it has earned its place in my cupboard of essentials as a go-to emergency fix. I’d definitely recommend checking out Elasticizer if you have thick, colour treated or damaged hair.

The great thing about Elasticizer is that it’s available in a range of sizes, whether you want to try it (£3.60 for 20ml) or if you’re hooked (£70.50 for 1000ml), with medium options in between (£25.50 for 150ml or £52.10 for 500ml).

By Skin Deep Beauty Blogger

Please pop over to Astrid's blog, put your feet up and have a cuppa whilst you read some of her fabulous posts.

Rachel McAdams Look Inspired by her 'Midnight in Paris' Photo Shoot

I am absolutely delighted to have the lovely Lara guest posting for me.  Lara has popped over from Aphrodite's Apple you need to visit her blog and read up on the reasons behind the blog name, it is fascinating stuff.  You will find out lots of amazing facts about Lara, the one that impressed me the most is that she has appeared in The Vagina Monologues, twice!

With my sister’s wedding looming and my role as wedding makeup-artist weighing heavily on my mind, I was inspired by Rachel McAdams soft and romantic look for her 'Midnight in Paris' photocall.

The combination of neutral tones with a pop of pink was both demure and playful. Appropriately for me, Rachel's makeup artist was also her sister, Kayleen McAdams. She explains her inspiration...

“For the Midnight in Paris photo call, the dress was very youthful and fun. We knew we were focusing on the eyes and skin for the premiere [later that day], so we chose to do a bright fun lip.”

Rachel has a flawless, creamy complexion which was kept matte to provide the perfect canvas for this rosy look. I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15 - applying it with a foundation brush and working away from the centre of the face so that I used only as much as was needed for a natural matte finish.

For Rachel's eyes, Kayleen used NARS Duo Eye Shadow in Silk Road but I used Clarins 'Gold Attraction' eye quartet which is a similarly pink and rose-gold palette with soft, shimmery browns to add depth. To keep the look light and bright I dusted the pale pink all over the lid - extending just above the crease line - and applied a touch of gold on the inner corners of the eye.

I lined the upper and lower eyelids with the darker, brown shade which I smudged before using Revlon's Matte Kohl Eyeliner in 'Rich Mink' to add definition. To finish, I topped off the lashes with Maybelline's Defina-A-Lash Mascara in Black for long, separated lashes that are not overpowering.

My model's eyebrows are very blonde so I used just a touch of Universal Brow Powder by Ariane Poole to fill them out and give them shape.

For the cheeks I wanted a rosy pink that was just a little brighter than cheeks would be naturally. I used a combination of blushes - The Body Shop's Creme Cheek Blush in 'Raspberry Pink' to get a rich, dewy base and MAC's Mineralise Blush in ' Dainty' for an iridescent shimmer.

The lips were really the focal point for this look - they are bright, bold and a little mischievous. Kayleen used Stila Convertible Color in Fuchsia but I worked with what I had and I think it came out pretty well!
I first lined the lips with Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in 'pink' then I filled them in with Ariane Poole's Lip Twin in 'Blushing' before topping with a slick of Dior Creme de Gloss, no. 485 'Violet Shine'.

And... voila!

Rachel McAdams

Erin Williams

So there you have it lovelies.  Do pop over to Aphrodite's Apple I promise you won't be disappointed.

Eco Tools® By Alicia Silverstone Review

When Moxie answered my plea for help and offered to guest post for me I was very relieved knowing I was leaving my blog in good hands.  Moxie has a fascinating blog at Moxie Reviews where she reviews natural, organic and cruelty free products.

Review of EcoTools®

There was once an incredibly bad commercial that had a woman announce, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” I shudder to conjure up that awful, but laughable line...but I must. I’m Moxie from ™and I’m quite excited to be posting a review on Jude’s Love Lust & Fairy Dust, one of the beauty Blogs that I personally love and follow.

I believe I owe it to my fellow bloggers, in the spirit of goodwill, to announce, “Don’t hate me because...I get to do a guest post on Love Lust and Fairy Dust.” So sorry. Next time you are all jolly well going to have to jump at these opportunities when they are posted on your favorite/favourite blogs! (Thank you, Jude, for offering bloggers the opportunity to guest post! x)

I purchased, and will review, a four-piece brush and cup set:  EcoTools®  by Alicia Silverstone.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Alicia, here is a link In addition to her being an American actress, author, and former fashion model, there are connections to the UK. Alicia’s father is a native of east London, and she has a half-sister, London-based rock singer, Kezi Silverstone,

Here’s what I learned about EcoTools®: “Getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back is what we are all about!” EcoTools®, a brand from Paris Presents, Inc., was founded in 2008 with their cosmetic brushes. The "iconic look" of bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules (the piece that connects the brush handle to the bristles) only add to the wonderful fact that they are not only cruelty-free, but also have very, very soft bristles.  EcoTools®  has since added to it's company line of products: cosmetic bags, bath tools, and bath and body care.  The eco-conscious company has earth-friendly materials and natural ingredients. 

EcoTools® joined forces with 1% For The Planet®, an alliance of businesses to create a healthier planet. With that alliance comes a donation by EcoTools® of 1% of their annual sales to be donated to them.

I had researched EcoTools® online,, prior to my purchase. I found what I eventually decided on, EcoTools®, Alicia Silverstone’s Backstage Vanity Set, at Ulta. 
As Jude confirmed for me, while the specific set I will review is not at, she has seen the brand, EcoTools® in her local Boots. Readers may search online for EcoTools® where they live at the following link  You may wish to join me in following EcoTools® on Twitter: EcoTools Beauty @ecotools

The first of the four piece set is the cup, which is made with cotton and natural hemp; and in fact, even the box has a label that it is made from a material called PolyEthylene Terephtalate, "PET" or "PETE."

The remaining three pieces of the set are:

the finishing brush (as Alicia points out, it is excellent for loose powders and with mineral face makeup.)

the angled eye shadow brush (use this for contouring and a smoky/smokey eye)

and the lash and brow groomer--

*the lash groomer separates and lengthens lashes after you apply mascara

*the brow groomer controls those unruly brows.

The kit also contains a card with directions/tips from Alicia, to recreate her, “natural look.”

Here are some photos, with labels, of what is included in the Backstage Vanity Set:

Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone

Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone

review of Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone

Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone

The only objection one might have to the excellent Backstage Vanity Set is the fact that the cup may not suit their taste. Personal preference, and one doesn’t need to display it; and the tools alone are worth the purchase price to add to or start a collection. Purchase price in the US at Ulta, $15.99  =  £9.75.

EcoTools® has a mission: “With the right tools, you can be Gorgeous and Green,” and Moxie believes that they have  succeeded! Recommend!

Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. All links are for your convenience only.

This is by Moxie Reviews™ 2011 for Love Lust & Fairy Dust only. Content copyright.

So there you have it ladies, don't for get to pop over to Moxie's blog and have a read.

Florida Here I come!

So I'm flying off to the land of the mouse tomorrow, the place where dreams really do come true and everyone lives happily ever after.

I sent out a Blogger SOS last week inviting people to guest post for me in my absence.  I was overwhelmed by the response.

I have some fantastic guest posts lined up for you over the next 2 weeks from some really lovely bloggers.  Please pop over and read/follow their fabulous blogs.

I am hoping that I will have access to WiFi in my accommodation so that I can keep in touch with you all.  I won't be very happy if I can't have a little tweet now and then or read my favourite blogs.  There is only so much Disney you can take before it all becomes a bit too much and you want some normality and gossip in your life.

So Take care my lovelies and I will see you all in a couple of weeks. xxxx

May Chang & Ylang Ylang Hand Cream From Kelly Edwards Skincare Range

I love hand cream, I get through a considerable amount throughout the year.  Although, I am quite fussy and I won't just use any old hand cream.  When Kelly Edwards asked me if I would like to try something from her skincare range I had a browse at her WEBSITE and I immediately decided I want to try the May Chang and Ylang Ylang hand cream.  I love the lemon smell of May Chang and Ylang Ylang is my favourite essential oil.

Kelly is an Aromatherapist and a Biology graduate, she has a passion for science and skin.  She uses only natural ingredients and her products are only tested on family and friends.

Kelly sent me the hand cream, which was gift wrapped in a gorgeous black and white spotty box and tied with fabulous black ribbon.  The hand cream comes in a cute little silver tin.  It contains 50ml of product and is perfect to keep in your drawer at work or pop into your handbag.

May Chang * Ylang Ylang Hand Cream From Kelly Edwards

The hand cream looks, feels and smells like a Lemon Mousse.  It is nice and light but very nourishing, perfect if you have your hands in water a lot, or if you're like me and use an unhealthy amount of alcohol loaded hand sanitizer.

Along with the hand cream Kelly also very kindly sent me some of her skin care items to try.  These are a perfect size to take on holiday so I am taking them with me on holiday on Saturday and I will do a blog post about them on my return.

kelly edwards skincare range

Please pop over to Kelly's WEBSITE and have a look at her gorgeous products.  You can also follow Kelly on Twitter at @KESkincare

*PR Sample

Calling All Beauty Bloggers

Would you like to guest post on my blog?  You would?  Oh that's fabulous.

If anyone would like to guest post then please contact me at

You must have your own beauty blog.  You can blog about anything you like as long as it is beauty related and of course there will be a link back to your own blog.  This is very short notice I'm afraid as I have booked a last minute holiday.  I will need the completed post and photographs by Thursday evening.

Thank you my Blogging Beauties I look forward to hearing from you.

e.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation Review

I'm always up for trying out a new foundation. I have tried many over the years and more often than not I am left disappointed as most of them do not live up to the hype.

When I was offered the opportunity to test out this new formula from e.l.f I was more than happy to oblige. I have their studio brushes and several other items and have always been very impressed with the quality of the products and the prices are incredible.

This is a light-weight and oil free liquid foundation, it has an SPF 15 and gives a semi-matte finish.

e.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation

The foundation is available in 6 shades, Porcelain, Sand, Buff, Caramel, Almond and Coco. It was quite difficult choosing a colour from the website, I concluded that Porcelain was very Light, Sand was light and Buff was medium, so I chose Buff. I think sand would be perfect for me in the winter, so I was glad I chose Buff as I have a little bit of colour at the moment.

The foundation is quite fragrant during application but this disappears within a few seconds. The consistency is nice and 1 pump of the product is more than enough to cover the whole face.

Now as far as coverage is concerned I would say this is a light/medium coverage foundation. It easily covered the red areas around my nose and evened out my skin tone, however, it did not completely cover my blemishes. The coverage is buildable so I used extra on my areas of concern.

The overall finish is very nice, it's not a flat foundation and does leave the skin with a dewy glow, I'd go as far to say that no extra highlighter is required.

Now I am quite used to wearing a heavy duty foundation designed to last 12 hours. I put this foundation on at 10.00am this morning and by 5pm it had started to disappear a little.

Although this isn't as long lasting as my usual foundation I am really pleased with it overall. I am going to take this on holiday with me as I don't want to wear a heavy duty foundation whilst I'm away.  This foundation is perfect for you if you like a lighter coverage foundation which offers a bit more than a tinted moisturiser, or for days when you are having a really good skin day.

This foundation retails at £6.50 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain.

For more information about this foundation and all of the other products available visit the e.l.f website  There is free shipping in the UK if you spend over £30  If you follow them on Facebook they always give out special codes offering significant discounts or free P & P.

*PR Sample

Sudocrem Tube Beauty Blogger Post of The Week

What a lovely surprise I got on Sunday evening when I received an email from Andrea at the Sudocrem Tube Blog. She informed me that I had been awarded the Sudocrem Tube Beauty Blogger Post of The Week for my Skincare Affair Part 2 Post

Mac Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my Mac Giveaway.

The winner is Pipersky1

Congratulations I will contact you via Twitter to find out which lipstick and eye shadow colour you want.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. There will be another giveaway at the end of August.

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