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WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System Review

Many months ago I was sent WrinkleMD Eye 30 Day Starter System to review.  At the time I had just had Botox around the eye area so I wanted to wait until that had worn off until I started to review this product so I could give a true account of the results that I had.

So four weeks ago I used WrinkleMD Eye for the first time.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System

Inside the box you get an activator pod, 6 sets of Hyaluronic Filler patch sets and a drawstring bag to keep the activator pod in.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System review

WrinkleMD use a patented Infusion Technology which delivers a concentrated boost of Hyaluronic Acid deep into the surface of the skin and much deeper than topical serums and creams.  Strict clinical studies showed a 15 times greater reduction in fine lines and wrinkles than a leading anti-aging serum.  Results were measured using silicone replicas and the VISIA complexion analysis.  the studies also found that after 40 minutes use 95% of participants experienced a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, softer, smoother looking skin, after 4 weeks 95% of participants had firmer younger looking skin and deep set wrinkles were significantly reduced.  Some very big claims there, so as you can imagine I was very keen to give this a try.

WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System instructions

The product is very easy to use, attach the activator pod buds to the patches, peel off the patches, apply and press gently onto the skin, tuck the activator pod cords behind your ears and clip the activator pod onto clothing.  When both patches make contact with the skin, the activator pod light will turn green and blink throughout the treatment, after 40 minutes the light will flash red and turn off.  After treatment discard used patches.

For an intensive two week power treatment it is recommended to use the patches twice a week for the first two weeks and then one treatment a week for maintenance.

I found this system very easy to use and was pleased that I didn't have to worry about timing the treatment. In the instructions it states that you may feel slight tingling from one patch to the other but I didn't feel anything whilst using the system.  After the first use I noticed that the eye area was very hydrated and felt very soft.  After two weeks intensive at twice a week and then two weeks at once a week I have noticed that there is an improvement in the overall look of my eye area.  The skin definitely feels much more hydrated, the fine lines have faded significantly and the deeper lines don't appear to be so obvious.

This is a very easy treatment to do at home, the visible results are very subtle, this is not an overnight miracle treatment but with continued use the results are accumulative.  The results will never match the almost immediate results of Botox but if you are looking for an alternative to the needle then this may be system for you.

For more information you can visit where you can read more about the clinical trials and results and see some very impressive before and after photographs.

WrinkleMD is available in the United Kingdom from RRP £150 for the 30 Day Starter Kit and £100 for the Refill Patch Kit (2 month Supply).  In USA it's available from

Now I've just worked out that for a 12 month supply it will cost you £750  However, if you have Botox and you are paying £250 every 4 months (maybe more if you live in London) then it works out the same for both.

I haven't decided yet whether I am going to continue using this system or go back to the Botox.  What would you do?  Are you a fan of Botox or would you prefer to spend the same amount on a no-needle method of anti-aging?

I have a 30 Day Starter Kit worth £150 to give HERE.

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