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Skin Science Bio Active Marine Foaming Enzyme Cleanser

A little while ago I entered Cupcake and Marigold's blog competition over at if you don't follow these lovely ladies then you should pop over to their blog immediately and see what you are missing.  I was absolutely delighted when I won as the prize on offer was a product from the Skin Science range.  I have previously reviewed Skin Science Bio Active Renewal Complex and Skin Science Bio Active Quicklift Mask and absolutely loved the products, so I was really looking forward to trying the Bio Active Enzyme Cleanser.

review of skin science bio active marine foaming enzyme cleanser

What they say...... Skin Science Bio Active Marine Foaming Enzyme Cleanser incorporates breakthrough ingredient, Zonase X™, which contains an enzyme that mimics the skin's own natural exfoliation process and gently detaches dead skin cells without harming the living skin cells beneath. Zonase X™ is the only enzyme in the world that possesses the ability to differentiate between healthy active skin cells and unhealthy deteriorating ones and so stops at the dead skin layer. Working at a skin friendly pH, Zonase X™ draws moisture into the skin, leaving it rejuvenated, replenished and smoother. The cleanser also incorporates Skin Science’s core ingredient and nature’s most powerful antioxidant, Spermine, which delays skin ageing by 20%.

What I say...... I'm not a huge fan of face washes to take off my make up so I remove all of my make up with my usual cleanser and then I use the Skin Science Enzyme Cleanser.  One pump of the product is more than enough for your face and neck, I have in fact now started using just half a pump.  There is no real fragrance to the product, which I actually prefer in a face wash.  The product itself is a very thick clear gel, which then foams once water is added.  The product feels nice and light on the face and the foam has a very luxurious feel to it.  After rinsing with warm water my skin feels really clean, looks really clean and glowing and there is no drying or tightness afterwards.  After a week of using this product twice a day I started to notice a real big difference in the texture of my skin, I find that I no longer have to use a separate exfoliator and the brown sun spot I had on the top of my cheek has faded significantly.  I have now started to use the product to wash the backs of my hands to see if it will have the same effect on the brown spots on my hands.  

Now the only downside of this product is the price, it's £46 for 200ml is it worth it?  If you are under 30 years old and have no concerns about ageing then probably not, on the other hand if you are a woman of a *certain age* then it is absolutely worth it.  In my opinion a good skincare regime always starts with a good cleanser.  I could go to any High Street Chemist and pick up 200ml of cleanser for less than £5 but as a woman of a *certain age* this would be false economy for me.  I need a cleanser that is going to help tackle more than just removing my make up and this cleanser ticks all of the boxes for me.  I estimate that a 200ml bottle is going to last me 5-6 months so overall I think it is fabulous value for money.

A massive thank you to Cupcake and Marigold and don't forget to pop over to their lovely blog at 


  1. wow this sounds amazing although i have to say im not surprised as the whole range seems to be fab. Think i might have to save some pennies and try it x

  2. Nicoletta it is definitely worth the money :) xx

  3. Yzah Jelle, Yes the enzyme cleansers are effective when used regularly and over a period of time :) Jude


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